Get to know Liveli planner

our story

and why we do what we do


How did it start?


The idea for Liveli Planner was born out of frustration.

Sarah Gould-Stotts, creator of Liveli Planner, was working a corporate job with a hectic travel schedule and trying to manage a household of three (her, her busy husband, and her very needy but adorable Westie, Molly). Sarah was frustrated that she couldn’t seem to find a day planner or time management tool that accounted for everything she had to think about in a given day.

She tried printed planners, she tried apps, she even tried creating her own system in Excel. But nothing could really do all she needed it to do to make her life feel more manageable. So one day, during a conversation with a friend, she expressed this frustration and her friend felt the same way too. That was the light bulb moment when Sarah decided she should just build a better way to manage time herself.

With a background in meeting and conference planning and project management, and a passion for all things organization, she started working on what would come to be known as Liveli Planner – the best friend she wished she had for managing all of her sh!t.

Why We Built Liveli Planner?


Women have a lot going on.

Women are multitasking all the time. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women divide their time across 6 different categories, while men divide their time across an average of 2. Sound familiar?


But most time management tools don’t work for women.

Time management is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. A woman should not have to tailor her time management style to her tool. Her tool should be tailored to her.


Women deserve a better way to manage their time.

Because of everything the world relies on women to do, we deserve a time management tool designed just for us. One that connects all of the dots.


That’s why we built Liveli Planner…

Liveli Planner was designed by women for women. It syncs with the technology you already use. And it is customizable to what’s important to you.


…your best friend for managing all of your sh!t.

Liveli Planner is available online whereever you need it. It keeps track of your checklists, notes, and reminders, alongside your calendars. And it keeps everything you have to think about in a day in one place.

Our Mission

Empower women to make the most of their time so they can achieve their goals, build deeper relationships, and lead healthy and happy lives.

What’s Important to Us?


We will use our words, actions, and endeavors to lift others up, to solve problems, and to brighten the future.


We will break down barriers that keep us apart, build bridges to one another, and take care of our tribe, the people who take care of us.


We will open doors for our team, cheer each other on, and clear the way for those who follow us.


We will always focus on what brings us together, not what divides us. We will pay it forward, give back what we have received, and be mindful of our impact on the world around us.


We will look for the people who are often unseen. We will listen for the people who often go unheard. And we will make room in our circles for every person who believes in our cause.


We will unabashedly own who we are and what we are about, lean into what we do well, and be honest about what we don’t.

What’s Our Vibe?

Want to get to know Liveli Planner even better?

We thought the best way to break the ice with anyone who thinks we could be friends was to make a “mix tape.”

If you want to get what we’re really about, or just jam out to some epic pump-up tunes (think Lizzo, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, old-school J. Lo, etc.), you should check out our playlist on Spotify. We promise, it’s going to help you get sh!t done. It’s pretty much all we listen to.